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 SW Introduction: Class 1 Notes (r.01-09)

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Kaileena Aeon

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PostSubject: SW Introduction: Class 1 Notes (r.01-09)   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:57 pm

Feminist Expedition wrote:

Spiritual Warriorship Practice Group of SL
at the Enlightenment Gallery (TEG)
A three-part Message

1) Class Logistics
2) Topics
3) Notes from Class 1

1) Logistics:
The Spiritual Warriorship (SW) Program meets weekly for 90 minutes (discussion and meditation), at the TEG SkyDojo. Join the SL Group: Energy Practice Group to receive notices and meeting reminders.

Class agenda changes weekly and discussions are personalized to those attending. You are welcome any time you can come.

How To Be a Warrior
Creating an Enlightened Society
Discovering Basic Goodness
The Genuine Heart of Sadness
Fear and Fearlessness
Sychronizing Mind and Body
The Dawn of the Great Eastern Sun
The Cocoon
Renunciation and Daring
Celebrating the Journey
Letting Go

Sacredness: The Warrior's World
Discovering Magic
How to Invoke Magic
Overcoming Arrogance
Overcoming Habitual Patterns
Sacred World
Natural Hierarchy
How to Rule

Authentic Presence
The Universal Monarch
The Shambhala Lineage

3) Class Notes (Class One)
Spiritual Warriorship, An Introduction
TEG Courses, Fall ’07
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SW Introduction: Class 1 Notes (r.01-09)
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