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 SW-#1a-Overview: How To Be A Warrior

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SW-#1a-Overview: How To Be A Warrior Empty
PostSubject: SW-#1a-Overview: How To Be A Warrior   SW-#1a-Overview: How To Be A Warrior I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 6:01 pm

Feminist Expedition wrote:

Spiritual Warriorship (SW) from Mona Lisa's Sword (MLS)
Overview of Principles: Part One

* Spiritual Warriorship is a philosophy and a practice for self-realization.

"Warriorship" is used in this philosophy, as drawn from the philosophies embodied and recorded in the ancient cultures of India, Tibet, China, Japan, Korea, and in other cultures. Warriorship refers to an ancient understanding that the battle for the warrior is always with oneself. It is not about warring; it is about self-mastery. SW Practice from MLS is based in the following traditional practices:

1. Text: “Shambhala, Sacred Path of the Warrior”, by Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche
2. 5-season energetic view from Traditional Chinese Medicine
3. 3-body Energy Practice, an eclectic modern work school rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Spiritual Practices, and modern, enlightened psychological processes

* Definitions
WORK: application of energy toward a purpose (in this case, spiritual growth) (work is love made visible)
WORK SCHOOL: collection of practitioners supporting each other in one's individual application of principles of Work

* Concepts and View for Spiritual Warriorship

Non-western Analysis of Subtle Energies
A. TCM – (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the 5-season view of being – spring, summer, late summer, autumn, winter. TCM and other ancient healing traditions use a holistic view of the body/mind based on understanding of the "unitive force"; there is no separation, no “my”
B. Definition of Spirituality: personal choices regarding one’s energy, mind, and resources, for the purpose of self-growth and benefit for all; belief in actions to realize oneself within the higher presence of the divine
C. 3-body energy work : drawn from traditional enlightenment systems and “work schools”, including Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity
D. Qualification: open-lineage and lineage systems. Open-lineage schools provide information and practice for all who request it appropriately. Lineage systems provide training according to one’s qualification and need.

* 3-body Energy Work: description of terms
a. PHYSICAL SELF: The first body is the physical self, and overlaps with other structures (including other people) in the physical world.
b. SPIRITUAL SELF: The second body is the energetic body, including all mental processes, expression using the voice, and the dream state.
c. SOUL SELF: The third body is the soul body existing as one’s awareness through time and space; it is recognized and developed through “quality.”

Physical Body: use of posture, breath, intention, and focus with dedicated practice
Mind/Spirit: use of goal-setting, disciplined attention, mental processes, higher processing, fearlessness, emotional energies, and dream-work
Soul: attention to qualities of life; connection with lineage; higher goals, The Steward

* 3-Directions of Higher Energy Flow
Relational Energy: energy point in the heart, expanding in all directions; power of relating
Sky Hook: vertical up. Energy of inspiration; father energy; connection with the heavens
Root Hook: vertical down. Energy of connection into the core of the earth. Nurturing; mother energy

1. Non-denominational practice for self-realization; cross-culturally timeline of thousands of years
2. Basic Philosophy and Practice: How to be a warrior; The warrior’s world of sacredness; Authentic presence
3. Work: creating an enlightened society based on moment-to-moment awareness and application of basic human goodness

* Aspects of Growth
Genuine heart of sadness (tenderness); fear and fearlessness; synchronizing body/mind (practice of awareness)

Embodiment of the Great Eastern Sun

Obstacles: the Cocoon
Remedies: Renunciation and Daring; Celebration (the journey); Letting Go

PART TWO: This Sacred World (coming soon to a virtual world near you...)

Your questions or comments are always welcome - send via notecard to Feminist Expedition, and please remember to Support Your Local TEG!

Offered with dedication to the true freedom and happiness of all sentient beings

Developed for the TEG Course: Spiritual Warriorship (SW)
All SL class materials are copyright 2007 Pegarus, Inc.
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SW-#1a-Overview: How To Be A Warrior
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