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 Double breath (priming breath)

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Kaileena Aeon

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Double breath (priming breath) Empty
PostSubject: Double breath (priming breath)   Double breath (priming breath) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 5:37 pm

Class happened in October 18th, 2008

Feminist Expedition wrote:

To double breathe...

breathe in the sky,
allow it to expand and sink,
into the throat
allow it to expand in the throat,
then swallow!!

(took me a long time to get this down!!
swallowing while inhaling!!)

and allow the expanding breath to drop into the heart.

Remember... trick is to stay open and relaxed...
no tensing...

when breath is in the heart... simply allow it to expand as much as you can,

but not too hard Smile

When you feel full....
exhale a tiny bit!
as if... inhale is 100%,
exhale about 5%
just a bit,
allowing breath to drop into solar plex and into belly.

Again, here we allow it to expand as much as possible...
now, we are at 100% inhale again Smile

attention is in the belly

relaxed Smile

use intention: i want to grow
i want to relax deeper
i want to open!!
when you are full....
exhale another 5%
maybe 10%
then inhale to 100% allow energy to descend
into sex, down into base,
allow it to open and expand, as much as possible,
yet, not too uncomfortable...
when full
release the breath up the back,
that is one double-breath

simple, yes?

so.. first full breath goes into the heart
with use of the swallow
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Double breath (priming breath)
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